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ART and LIFE  In The Sunlight Of The Spirit."

    MASA marries those from Ancient Teachings to the Present as an Evolutionary Movement  who have experienced and shared knowledge  of the Balance and Individual Freedom which occurs after Surrender of  Will and Perceptions. This Eternal Evolutionary Movement  practices the power of Letting go and allowing God to teach us Humility as Individuals working toward Independence with God not Man.   MASA Studios Website  -  MASA's   transcends its ART OF LIFE as a philosophy in creativity.

Owner Statement
 The present business which I operate as a Salon/Gallery Owner who has a Bachelor Degree in Psychology and Art has guided me to continue on a path of creativity in many areas.   I have had the opportunity of representing artists and still appreciate all of the many different mediums and periods which other artists present as a small gallery owner. I have  studied Art and Sculpture in Italy, New York City , Philadelphia and New Mexico.   I exhibited with a group called , "The New York Sculptor's Group", in NYC in 2004 with six Sculptors.  I realized that I enjoyed working for myself after the experience in NYC . Although this (MASA) is the third small business idea, I also realized that I  have been given the ability to see the strengths in others and help them to notice and face their fears in their endeavors  .   

 In the business profession I have the opportunities to interact with many personalities, which means I have the challenge to grow  in many areas.  I have learned that true Artists, be it creativity in business or practices of their art, are very Independent  in lifestyle practices . The Products and Art presented on this website are representational of this process of Applications. 


Saundra Hough
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